About Us

Our reservation procedure requires a few number of conditions :

1. Email or Phone reservation;
2. 45% of the tour money in advance;
3. Email or confirmation phone call 72 hours before arrival.

Refunds: 100% refund if the tour is cancelled 1 month before tour; 50% refund if the tour is cancelled 3 weeks before tour; 10% refund if the tour is cancelled 2 weeks before tour; 0% refund if the tour is cancelled 1 week before tour; Deposit money can be credited for another trip.

Security: While all precautions are to be taken and the well-being of the customers is a concern, we cannot be held legally responsible for delays or damage caused beyond our personal control, including injure or delay due to sickness, machinery breakdown, weather conditions, government restraints and no responsibility can be accepted for additional expenses, delays, or change of transport. We entitle the right to change the itinerary of tour for the convenience of clients and to present a better choice if compulsory.

Passport and Visas: Check with the Moroccan Embassy in your country. Americans, Canadians and most European citizens do not need Visa and only require a 3 months valid passport. You need your passport at the airport airliner check-in.

Vaccinations and health concerns: There are no required inoculations needed for Morocco. Drink only bottled water. Each town in Morocco has at least one pharmacy where you can buy most of necessary medicaments, pills, condoms and any other health care product. If you must have any cares in particular bring your own.


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