Charming North

Day 1: Casablanca

Arrival at Casablanca Airport and transfer to the Hotel including a visit to the historical monuments of the city.

Day 2: Casablanca to Tanger via Asilah

After breakfast, we will depart to the bride of the north as the Moroccan prefer to call the city of Tanger including a visit to the beautiful town of Asilah, a town that inspired so many actors and writers worldwide because of its charm.

Day 3: Tanger Visit

The bride or the pearl of the north definitely worth a visit to its historical monuments and natural sites such as the Hercules Cave.  The contrast of the ancient old and modern new is something to observe while walking the streets of this uprising city.

Day 4: Tanger to Al Hociema

After breakfast we will depart to the coastal city of Al Hociema, very well known in Morocco for its beauty and also for the generosity of its people, the trip also will take us to the city of Tetouan which means “Tears” in Berber. Beautiful landscapes are to be enjoyed along the trip.

Day 5: Al Hociema Visit

One of Morocco’s attraction sites, Al Hociema has gained its good reputation from its generous and very welcoming people and also the surrounding beautiful natural sites. A Visit is a must while staying in this beautiful city.

Day 6: Al Hociema to Chefchaouen:

After breakfast a journey will take us to the beautiful town of Chefchaouen, also a town that inspired some of the very famous writers in the world. Very beautiful landscapes along the way are to be enjoyed while crossing the Rif Mountains

Day 7: Chefchaouen Visit

A visit to this beautiful town is a must, in order to discover the real beauty that this little town that hides inside the Rif Mountains has to offer.

Day 8 : Chefchaouen to Fez via Volubilis:

After breakfast, we will depart to the famous city of Fez including a stop at the ancient roman ruins and the holly town of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun.

Day 9: Fez Visit

After breakfast a visit to the one of the famous cities in Morocco is very important, a chance to visit the historical monuments and the old Medina with its beautiful narrow streets.

Day 10: Fez to Casablanca

This journey will take us back to the biggest city of Morocco Casablanca.

Day 11: Casablanca Airport Transfer


In this day we will transfer you to the airport according to you flight time.

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