Fez to the Magic East

Day 1: Fez in Morocco

Upon your arrival at Fez Airport one of our team will welcome you then transfer you to your accommodation.

Day 2: Fez Visit

After breakfast a visit to the one of the famous cities in Morocco is very important, a chance to visit the historical monuments and the old Medina with its beautiful narrow streets.

Day 3: Fez to Oujda

This journey will take us the capital of the east of Morocco, the city of Oujda, one of Morocco’s very famous cities, for it is the origin of the Reggada music and the also the place where the annual Festival of Rai music takes place. Very distinct and beautiful landscapes form the way between Fez and Oujda.

Day 4: Oujda to Saidia

After breakfast we will hit the road the join the beautiful and coastal city of Saidia. Morocco’s most attraction place for beautiful beach and cool weather seekers during the heat of summer.

Day 5: Saidia Visit

 The blue pearl of Morocco, Saidia, a city with 14-km beach and splendid surrounding countryside. There are so many things to see and do in a day in this beautiful city.

Day 6: Saidia to Al Hociema

After breakfast we will depart to the coastal city of Al Hociema, very well known in Morocco for its beauty and also for the generosity of its people.

Day 7: Al Hociema Visit

One of Morocco’s attraction sites, Al Hociema has gained its good reputation from its generous and very welcoming people and also the surrounding beautiful natural sites. A Visit is a must while staying in this beautiful city.

Day 8: Al Hociema to Fez via Chefchaouen

This journey will take us back to the city of Fez, crossing the Rif mountains and also visiting th beautiful blue town of Chefchaouen is something not to forget.

Day 9: Fez Airport Transfer


In this day we will drive you to the Airport according to your flight time.

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