Top 5 festivals in Morocco with Celebrations

Almond Blossom Festival: A traditional festival to celebrate during your tours of Morocco. The almond harvest takes place each year in February at which time the almond trees are in full bloom. It takes place within the almond producing town of Tafraoute, nestled amongst the Atlas Mountains and close to Agadir. The Almond Tree Festival is not only an important event for the local community but also one that attracts visitors from all over Morocco and the whole world as well. People come to marvel at the bloom displaying wonderful pink, white and red petals. The event is accompanied by singing, storytelling, dancing and selling of a wide range of products.

Festival of Roses: The village of El Kelaa M’Gouna, deep in the Dades Valley, is home to Moroccan rose festival. It is a magical event that takes place at the beginning of May every year. It is here where fragrant rose oil and rose water gets produced for the country, and the landscapes are a sea of pink Persian roses. The rose water is quite expensive and is used for its fragrance and in traditional cooking as well. A massive market (souk) is opened where various fascinating items get sold, musicians and dancers enliven up the festival. It is an attraction that carries a unique experience. During the festival, a Rose Queen gets crowned, who will reign over the successful harvest of fragrance.

Essaouira Gnawa and World Music Festival: It is a music festival based on the traditions of Gnawa music which has grown to include musicians from all over the world. The festival has been around for a decade, and its venue has been in a quaint town of Essaouira. Gnawa music combines acrobatic dancing as well as music. It originates from a mixture of Berber, African and Arabic songs, religious rites and dance. It is held annually in the summer, each May. It has nearly half a million musical pilgrims attending over a four-day duration.

Marrakech Popular Arts Festival: The festival attracts folk singers, dancers, fortune-tellers, acting troupes, snake charmers, fire swallowers and more, from all over Morocco. The major events take place in the ruins of the sixteenth century Badi Palace and the Djemma el Fna (main town center). It has taken place since 2000 and has attracted many artists and entertainers from Europe and Asia. The Fantasis, outside the city walls at night is an event not to be missed. A horse riding spectacle that includes hundreds of charging horsemen and women wearing traditional clothing. It gets held annually in the summers.

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music: The astonishing spiritual festival is held annually in Fes, Morocco. The festival allows you to bump into whirling dervishes from Iran as well as chanters, mystics, and dancers from all over the Globe. A festival in celebration of the local culture of Fes gets held simultaneously. The two festivals allow visitors to enjoy the traditional life in the old walled city. Meanwhile, visitors sip some mint tea, enjoy Sufi chanting and of course, a mouth-watering Moroccan dish.

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