How to Stay Safe in Morocco during Real Morocco Tours

Morocco is a diverse country which is fantastic to explore. The bustling Medinas, beautiful ruins, picturesque streets, enchanting palaces and pristine beaches are just but a few attractions you get to see in Morocco. Life in Morocco is different from that in the west, and one must take general precaution during their stay in Morocco.

During the night, the Atlas Mountains get freezing. While hiking in the mountains wear warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold to avoid getting sick. Morocco is a malaria-free country; you do not need to worry about mosquito bites, but you can still take the usual precautions to stay safe. One is advised to have polio and tetanus vaccines to enter the country. For more safety, all other vaccines are recommended.

Bottled water is recommended for drinking while in Morocco. The Moroccan authorities are concerned with the pollution caused by the plastic from bottled water, and many restaurants have filtered water for visitors that are considered safe to drink. The restaurants have detailed information on the filtration method, and the water is usually free. To avoid dehydration, it is advisable to take two to three liters of fluid daily while in Morocco, especially when walking in the desert areas and the mountains.

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